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Installing Updates and Upgrades

Lighting Analysts offers a variety of license options to meet your needs for AGi32 and Photometric Toolbox (click here for ElumTools licensing information). The best “fit” for your organization can sometimes be elusive so do not hesitate to contact us for discussion!

The most important factor when trying to determine your best fit is the question of how many people will need to use the software at the same time? This typically dictates how many licenses, either single user, or network client you will need. If you can leverage licenses across multiple users by not accessing the program at the same time, network licensing will be your best solution if you have a network configuration. This may even allow you to leverage licenses across multiple offices if all client machines can see a central server.

Here is a brief summary of license types with links to more detailed descriptions and instructions.

Single User License – A Single User License is registered to a specific computer and is intended for one user. It can be shared with a second computer using the Simple Sharing technique described below. More information on Single User Licenses...

Trial License – A Trial License provides a fully functional version of the software for a designated trial period. This period consists of a predetermined number of days and/or startups as set by Lighting Analysts. More information on Trial Licenses...

Term/Subscription Licensing – A Term/Subscription License is a time-limited Single User License available in 30 and 90 day terms for AGi32 and 1 year for Licaso. Term/Subscription licenses start when registered at first program startup. More information on Term/Subscription Licensing...

Network Licensing – Network licensing consists of a server-side software program titled “LAI Network Service” and network client licenses for AGi32 and/or Photometric Toolbox. It is ideal for customers requiring access to the software among multiple users concurrently. The Network Service software is installed and registered (keyed) on your server, allowing the client machines to access AGi32 or Photometric Toolbox licenses over the network. More information on Network Licensing...

Educational Licensing – The Educational License is available to University level lighting educators to incorporate AGi32 and Photometric Toolbox into their curriculum. The Educational version is identical to the retail version, with the exception that the EDU license carries an established expiration date. More information on Educational Licensing...

Sharing services for Single User licenses...

Simple Sharing – This is a no cost capability provided to all single user license types allowing the license to be shared between two computers non-concurrently. It is intended for one user and a desktop/laptop scenario. It can be used between two users, each with one machine. More information on Simple Sharing...

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