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18-Oct-2018 08:44
AGi32 Blog Post
Aiming Floodlights in Direct Calc Mode
18-Oct-2018 08:41
AGi32 End of 2018 Training Schedule
Wrap up the end of 2018 with an AGi32 training course! This is your last chance to register for 2018. Seats are limited don't delay! Training Schedule
28-Aug-2018 14:16
New Releases -- ElumTools 2019.4, 2018.9, 2017.12, 2016.16!
ElumTools 2019.4, 2018.9, 2017.12, 2016.16
Release Notes Download Installers
07-Aug-2018 09:14
New AGi32 Blog Post!
My rendering went dark!
07-Aug-2018 09:13
Job Opportunity!
Lighting Analysts is looking for
Software Experience Technician
Could it be you?!
07-Aug-2018 09:10
New Releases Available!
AGi32 19.3 Release Notes Download Installer

Photometric Toolbox 2.3 Release Notes Download Installer
17-Jul-2018 11:33
New AGi32 Blog Post!
Create a Custom Luminaire Symbol in AGi32
19-Jun-2018 10:03
New AGi32 Training Classes!
New AGi32 Training class schedule available for Summer/Fall, sign up now seats are limited. Check it out here!
04-Jun-2018 15:45
New Releases Available!
AGi32 19.2 Release Notes Download Installer

Photometric Toolbox 2.2 Release Notes Download Installer

ElumTools 2019.3, 2018.8, 2017.11, 2016.5 Release Notes Download Installers

Licaso 1.6 Release Notes Download Installer
24-May-2018 15:25
Managing Design Alternatives in Revit
Check out our latest blog post for some popular techniques!
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